Thursday, January 1, 2009

Contact Us

We are located in the Denham Springs Antique Village in Denham Springs, LA. Just two miles North off I-12 at the D.S. exit. Lots of free parking. 225-791-1116.
Please come for a visit! We'd love to have you.


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  2. Miss Susan!

    I am not for sure if you remember me or not, but, I was friends with Summer. I remember spending many nights at your house painting crafts. I treasure those memories still and I have several of the things we made. I just recently came back in contact with Summer and I am looking forward to catching up with her! It is so good to see you again.. and I love your store! Love, Carrie (Ivaska) Jones

  3. You should create a Facebook page for your store! I love the place and believe it would help benefit the business to be on Facebook! :)

    Meagan Anderson