Saturday, September 19, 2009

The ELF on the SHELF!

From My Family to Yours,
This charming tradition began for our family when my children were very small. Like most children through the ages, they wanted to know how Santa really knew who was naughty or who was nice. Their answer, as in my own childhood, came in the form of a small pixie-elf.
The first time the elf arrived at our home, my children officially adopted him by giving him a name. Each year he would arrive around the holidays, usually at Thanksgiving. His sole responsibility was to watch the children's behavior and report it to Santa each night. The next morning after the children awoke, they discovered the elf had returned from the North Pole and was now resting in a new and different place. My children would race each other out of bed to try and be the first to spy him in his new position.
Over the years the tradition was perfected and rules were introduced. For example, to better preserve his mystique the children were not allowed to touch him but talking to him was a different matter all together. My children shared many secrets with the elf, and while he was under strict orders not to talk to them, the elf was under no such orders where grown-ups were concerned.
Unwittingly, the tradition provided an added benefit: it helped the children to better control themselves. All it took was a gentle reminder that the "elf is watching," for errant behavior to be modified.
I never dreamed this simple tradition would lead to so many treasured Christmas memories for our entire family. It is my earnest desire that The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition will bring as much joy to your family as it has to mine.
Enjoy this tradition, and MAKE IT YOUR OWN!

"Elf on the Shelf" is at Mothers and Daughters now!!! Get yours early!

We Have More Treats Than Tricks!!

Look ahead to a new season! The shoppe is full of wonderful fall wreaths, garlands, sprays, sunflowers and dried roses just waiting to go home with you! Dress up that front door, mantel or dining table. Get your home ready for all the warm, cozy get together that the fall season brings.
Yes! New Woodwick candles are in. All the fall and winter scents and colors, lots of diffusers and diffuser refills!! You've been waiting - come on in and get 'em!

Our annual Fall Fest will be held on Saturday, October 3rd. The street will be full of fun booths and delicious food. Make plans now to bring the family and spend the day with us.

We'll be at the Fall Fest! Hope to see you there!

Monday, September 7, 2009

It's Time To Decorate For Fall!

Oh, how cute are these? You will absolutely adore them! Lots of new aprons in all colors and fabrics, most with matching tea towels. There is even a set for a new bride! We are just tickled pink over these....does it show?
Can you believe it is September already? It's the beginning of a new season and time to decorate your home and porches with all the beauty that God gives us in the fall season. Get out the pumpkins, scrarecrows, apples and garlands.....the shoppe is overflowing with autumn goodies all over! Freshen up with a new wreath decorated in rusts, oranges, browns and golds...a new garland for your door and lots of new prints and picture frames to add to your decor.

Huge pumpkin arrangements and garlands to match! So pretty from now through Thanksgiving!

We also have new mixes for making cakes and muffins in a jiffy! And they are delicious. Give a mix and one of our wonderful flavorful coffees as a housewarming or "Happy Fall" gift.

We'll be looking for you....

Decoupage Class

Hello...take a peak at our first decoupage class! It was so much fun! The girls each added their own artistic flair to their canvases and they all turned out great! I was so proud of all of them.

The girls at the Bees Knees joined us!


Smooth it out just a little bit Laurie.

Rhonda managed to glue, paint, eat, text and facebook!!!
I'm tellin' ya, these gals were talented!



A special thanks to Myra at Serendipty in the Village. She let us have class in her wonderful shop and we had plenty of room and enjoyed the surroundings!
And....her picture turned out great!

Kristy and Grace (that's my granddaughter).

The next class will be in a few weeks. As soon as we set the date, we will let you know by e-mail. Make plans to come and join us.

Our Dad - 1928-2009

Our Dad, Gene Norwood passed away on August 26. He had been ill for awhile. When we first opened, Dad had the space in the back of our store and sold antique furniture. Thank you to all our friends and good customers for your calls, cards and condolences. We will miss him very much.