Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Back From Market! Ooh-la-la!!!

We just got back from market in Atlanta! We braved the cold and snow and shopped for 5 days to bring you the newest, cutest and bestest gifts and home accessories! New items will arrive nearly every day! Make sure Mothers and Daughters is on your "Have To Go To" lists. We ordered so many wonderful garden inspired things for your home ! Canvases, bird houses, vintage pieces, chalk boards, message boards and so on.
Marie Osmond was there! We saw her, but too late to take our picture with her. That's not us. They cut the line off right when they came to Janet and I. Go figure.

This little girl is dressed like the new baby dolls and blankets we ordered. They are so cute!

New Glory Haus canvases and tiles....all of their stuff is just adorable!

Lots of new purses, totes, make up, lunch bags and insulated picnic totes in lots of new colors!

Pretty new spring and summer purses - wallets to match!

We have adorable new baby items on the way. Lots for little girls and boys!
Thank you to all of our wonderful customers who helped make the past year so enjoyable for us. We wouldn't be here if not for you. There are tons of new events and specials that we have planned for the store and for the Antique Village. Keep up with us on the blog and we will let you know all the fun things coming up this year.

Life Is A Beautiful Place To Be!

A few months ago, I found two old friends from my grade school in Enid, OK on Facebook! I haven't seen or heard from them since I left in the 7th grade. We were all three friends for many years and I have so many wonderful memories of them and my old hometown. Last October, I just packed up my car and took a little road trip to go see them and get re-acquainted. This is us in the 6th grade....

I am third from left on top row. BFF Donna is 6th from left on second from top and other BFF Debbie is 3rd from left on third from top row. Well, now have you got that? Whew! Anyhoo...here's us now!

Debbie, Susan and Donna. We just had a blast talking about the "good ole days". They are both just the sweetest, loveliest ladies! They still live in Enid. Thank you both for the trip down memory lane. I'm so glad we found each other again.

This is my old grade school - Adams Elementary. Oh I loved that place. So many fun times and good memories. I can still smell the warm bologna sandwiches in our metal lunchboxes in the coat closet in our room. I just really had fun being a kid.

And this is the house I grew up in. It was a split level, probably less than 1100 sq. ft. and I thought it was a mansion! Talk about lots of memories. I sat in the parking lot across the street for over an hour and just remembered all the good times we had there. I laughed and then I cried....Dad built this house and now he's gone. We ran all over the neighborhood till way past dark....played jacks on that front porch...sneaked out the bedroom window...and just lived life.

My life's motto has always been..."The joy is in the journey". And it certainly is.

I encourage you to try FaceBook if you haven't already. I have found so many old friends and it has been great fun reconnecting with all of them. So many of our customers at Mothers and Daughters have become our good friends too and I just wanted to share my little adventure with you. Hope you enjoyed!

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

It's Earlene's Birthday!

For the rest of the month, if you wish her a "Happy Birthday"

you get 20% off any item of your choice!

You Rock Mom!