Friday, January 28, 2011

Back from Dallas Too!

We just got back from Dallas. Dodged some bad weather, but made it just fine.
The store is absolutely full of new purses, jewelry, wallets, scarves and
accessories. New items are coming in every day and will be for the next 4 weeks.
We can't wait to see you!
The wonderful ladies at Bearington Bear. We have ordered from them
for years! Darling baby items.
This is Sandra Kuck. An amazing artist! She illustrates children's books and lots of
other products. We met her and she is as lovely as she looks.

My best friend Debby from High School. We always manage to run into
each other in a building with 50,000 people! Love you Deb!

Mom's new (shhhhh wig!)
Isn't it adorable?

All this is coming in! Darling magnetic boards that we can personalize.
Lots of accessories to match.

New boys baby stuff! Monkeys!

My cousin Robin from Springfield, MO.
She has a gorgeous home up there and one day I'm going to do a story on it.
You would love seeing the pictures - it's incredible!
My Mom and my favorite aunt Phyllis from Branson, MO.
Aren't they just the cutest 81 year old's you have ever seen?
Love them both so much! We had a blast being together.

Coming back to the hotel after market. Our bags were full or orders, catalogs,
and samples. And a sore shoulder.

The view from one of the buildings in Dallas. 15 floors! Oh my.

Mom's new friend.

Oops! She must really like her!

Come in and see us!
We'll be waiting for you!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More lovely Mothers and Daughters

We love our customers! On a recent shopping trip are
Suzanne, Torie, Patsy and Emily!
Aren't these girls just precious?

It was cold in Atlanta! B-r-r-r-r!!!

Janet and I just got back from the Atlanta Market. It was the
worst ice and snow storm there in years. We were late getting in,
but we made it! We stayed right across the street from the market and
didn't have to get out in the cold. It was freezing!
But, shopping kept us warm - here
is a little of what we ordered!

I keep telling Janet this. I've been telling her this for 56 years!
We ordered lots of new spring and summer floral!
Wreaths, garlands, geraniums and topiarys - lots of birds and nests too!

We got the new "French" look in lamps, pillows and pictures.

New art from Kelly Rae Roberts. A customer favorite!

Suzy Toronto from "Wacky Women". She was a doll. We
ordered several items in her line. They will be fun!

A beautiful young girl modeling the new cover ups and totes we ordered!
She was so tall! We got this one!

New art from Glory Haus. One of our best sellers.
You're gonna love these!

The owner of Glory Haus. Such precious people.
We love their stuff!
We got tons of new ideas and ordered tons of new stuff!! It will all start coming in in just a couple of weeks. Can't wait for you all to see it.
New purses and jewelry will be arriving Jan. 28th!!
One of my dear friends who has a shop in Jackson, MS (Apple Annie's), Ann Fryant
came to market too. She slipped on the ice in front of her hotel and broke her ankle! She had to have surgery in Atlanta and completely missed the market. We felt so bad for her.
I hope you are doing better Ann and just wanted you to know how much we missed seeing you.

Mothers and Daughters PJ Party!!

Come on in! We are delighted you came!
Each December we have a PJ Party! Yes, you wear your PJ's and come on out.
We give away tons of door prizes and everyone gets a free gift.
This year we served hot chocolate (it was cold outside) and lots of
goodies. The whole store was on sale and it was a wonderful night.
Make plans to come next year!
What a darling Mother and Daughter

Granddaughters too!

Best friends!

I won a door prize!

3 Generations - Just lovely!

Love that smile!
All the girls!

Thanks for coming to our party!
It's always a blast because we have the sweetest most wonderful
customers in the area.
See you again next year....
Mothers and Daughters
Earlene, Susan and Janet