Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another Road Trip! Love Them!

On the road with my husband. Going to Tulsa and Canton! This is a old fashioned drugstore in Jefferson, Texas. Adorable antique-shop town. This store looks exactly like it did 100 years ago. If you are ever through there - you just have to stop. So much fun.

I'm always on the look out for shakers for Janet to make her wondeful tassells. Didn't find too many this time.

Richard is always on the look out for food!
Another cute shop in Jefferson!

"Mam - a large strawberry milkshake for me and a small for my wife."

Gotta love the DQ!! (Dairy Queen). The BEST strawberry milkshakes ever! Why don't we have one in Baton Rouge?
See! Told you so!

On to Tulsa to shop the "Trading Post" with my cousins. A fabulous, fun junk store - takes us two hours to cover it!

That's Jessica - she doesn't have a clue what these are! Metal skates with a key! Oh, how much fun did I have on these? One size fits all.
Have to stop and have a hamburger and fries at Ron's in Tulsa. One of the best hamburgers I have ever eaten. Why doesn't Baton Rouge have one of these?

"Oh Look Honey! Another DQ!!! Why not? Make it a large this time."

Then off to Canton, Texas. Only had a few hours to shop the whole thing. I was by myself and needed my sister and my mommy with me. It just happened to be open while we were on our way home.
Lots of pretty things - need a trailer!

And of course, one more hamburger and fries at the Dairy Palace - Home of the World's Best Hamburgers - in Canton. Be sure and stop if you go through there - they really are delicious!

It was a bluebird day coming home. Always fun to visit with my cousins, shop the junk stores, eat the junk food and be with my husband. Happy Trails!!

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