Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer Magic!

My favorite time of the year!
After watching "Summer Magic" with Hayley Mills (my favorite person ever!)
we let the summer begin!
What a great way to kick it off! A trip to Lake Tahoe and San Francisco!

Mom, me and my husband Richard and our daughter Kristy and son-in-law Clay and their children, Sam, Grace and Ben all went. It was the best vacation ever! A truly beautiful, majestic place. Just awesome everywhere we looked.This is Ben, Grace and Sam overlooking Emerald Bay.

Words just can't describe...

Kristy, Clay and kids.

We went charter fishing! Caught 8 huge fish and a restaurant cooked them
for us that evening. Now that's fresh fish!

It was absolutely fabulous. They cooked them 3 ways and we ate it all.

Yes, that's my mom on that horse! 80 years old and she did everything we did.

Mom and I at a waterfall. Breathtaking.
We had to buy the coats in San Fran. They were only $20! Good thing.
I heard they make a killin' over dumb southerners who think it's hot in
CA in the summer!

We had to wear them everyday!

This was the day we left and it snowed! Oh my....it's May for cryin-out-loud!

No thanks, nice place to visit but I'll take Louisiana!

Precious memories.

This is Pebble Beach in CA. The guys played golf there.

Hey, that tree is famous - who knew?

The Pink Ladies in San Francisco.

On the ship to Alcatraz. It was absolutely freezing! We all got hot chocolate to warm up.

Did I tell you it was cold in CA in May!

Mom and I touring Alcatraz. It was really very interesting.

Enjoyed it!

Next road trip...

Made a trip to Tulsa, OK to my cousin's "Surprise Retirement Party".

Denis Clark - principal at the same school for 34 years!

Congratulations Denis!

Summer fun painting canvases for my
grandaughter Gracie's new room.

She did this one all by herself!

I'm teaching her all my tricks!


They looked great in her new room!

On the road again....

We stopped at our old neighborhood in North Little Rock on the
way to Branson, MO.

That's my bff from high school - Debby.

Mom with 3 of her great grandchildren!

That's Sam, Aly and Grace.

Dick's dimestore downtown Branson.

Just like it was when I was a little girl. So much fun.

Steak 'n Shake! We brake for hamburgers!

Silver Dollar City! Yee-haw!

We junked all over Springfield and Branson Missouri.
Needed a bigger car!

Always time to shop for clothes!

Dressin' Gaudy - the best place in Branson!

My cousin Tammy owns a hair salon in Branson.

She is the best ever!

Shepherd of the Hills Play. My cousin-in-law is the director!
Free seats! Yay!!

If you haven't seen the play - go - it's really great. They just had
their 50 year celebration!

Summer is a magical time. So much fun just loading up the car and hitting the road. Don't have to worry about school and getting up early. I love to travel with my grandkids and take them every chance I get. They are just the best ever. So much fun to be with. I always tell them...
"the joy is in the journey".
We are makin' memories. It's been a blessing to be able to travel around this summer - so many great places and adventures. I am very blessed indeed.

Hope your summer was a happy one too!

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