Monday, July 25, 2011

Dallas Market With Mom and My Girls

Always a great time with Mom and my girls Summer and Kristy
at the Dallas Market. That's Summer with Mom taking a break.
We walk an awful lot!

My friend Ann from Apple Annie's in Brandon, MS broke her foot at market in

Atlanta last January. She has been in a cast ever since.

I "borrowed" her scooter to cruise around a little.

Now that's the way to do market!

Our husbands think it's all work and no play at market!

We sure do have them fooled.

Don't worry girls, we didn't order the men's underwear!

We all smile for ice-cream!

That's Kristy and Summer taking a break!

We really do work hard. Really.

The four of us in front of one of the showrooms. Chillin' in the hotel room. Kristy and I were on our cell-phones

and Mom and Summer

were playing on the I-Pads. What did we do before electronics?

Did we really talk to each other?

Papacita's mexican restaurant. Our favorite.

Love being with my girls. They are my greatest blessing.

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