Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Making A Memory

When I'm not working at the store, cleaning up at the store, ordering new stuff for the store or
re-decorating the store, I love to scrapbook. I thought I would share with you a fun and easy collage I did of my grandmother. She was a wonderful person and I loved her so much and miss her everyday. I didn't have near enough time here on earth with her and can't wait to see her in heaven.

First, gather lots of your old photos and copy them on your computer. I never use the originals. You may harm them. I used a 16x20 canvas board and covered it with different pieces of scrapbook paper using Mod Podge. (Great stuff!)

Then lay your pictures on the paper covered canvas and arrange in a random order. When you are satisfied with the layout, coat the back of each picture with the Mod Podge and secure to the canvas. Be sure to smooth out the wrinkles - carefully. When it completely dries, most of the wrinkles will dissappear, but I did have a few remain. Bummer. Then coat the whole thing with more Mod Podge - even several coats will look better - be sure to let each coat dry completely.

Embellish with scrapbook stickers, ribbon, and flowers. Add ribbon to the sides with a glue gun. It's fun, creative and you will enjoy it for years to come. Warning! Everyone will want you to make them one. Better go get some more Mod Podge.

Thank you Meme for all the precious memories I have of you. You were indeed a woman of worth.

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